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Nikhil Manchanda

Engineering Manager
Hello there! I'm an Engineering Manager at Microsoft helping customers build cloud applications using Azure, Helm, Kubernetes and other container technologies. I was previously one of the founders of the OpenStack Trove project. My main areas of expertise are databases and IoT, but off late I've been more heavily involved with Helm and Kubernetes. Having spent previous lives working on Software Update intelligence, geo-local systems, and mobile applications, I'm pretty well versed with C++, go, and Python. On occasion, I have also been known to indulge in some machine learning.

In my spare time you will likely find me assiduously trying to beat that new adventure game that just came out. And when I've had enough of that -- I often retreat to my desk where I like to craft verse and short stories.
Wednesday, February 21

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Thursday, February 22

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